Real Estate Brokerage

We are an authorized and experienced real estate broker. Our main service area comprises the Helsinki Metropolitan area and the coastal area east of Helsinki. We are a member firm of the Finnish Association of Real Estate Agents.

Through our network you can easily buy, sell or rent a suitable office, homes for your employees. For further information on our real estate brokerage services please contact us simply by sending a message using the contact form to the right.

Price list of our services:

  • 3.00 % of the gross value of the apartment (i.e. purchase price of the shares plus the amount of real estate company loans attributable to the apartment), including VAT 24 %. Minimum fee 3,000 €, including VAT 24 %
  • 3.50 % of the purchase price, including VAT 24 %. Minimum fee 4,000 € euro, including VAT 24%
Rental service
  • 1,24 times the monthly rent, including VAT 24 %
Investment service
  • The pricing is tailored based on the scope of the service
Other advice and consultation
  • The pricing is tailored based on the scope of the service


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